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Vegan Gift Ideas for Christmas 2024

Wondering what to buy a vegan for Christmas in 2024? Here are some of my vegan gift ideas.

There are many types of vegans. It can be confusing to know what to buy them for a gift. It can be incredibly confusing if you are unaware of their motivations or where they stand on specific issues.

As a plant-based lifestyle, I have created a list of gifts, hopefully with some diversity. I have tested or bought many of the items on this list.

However, I have yet to test all the items I have listed, but someday I would like to. If you have a testimonial, a comment, or a recommendation, please get in touch.

Thank you for coming here for some Christmas or general gift ideas. Each vegan is different, and we want you to be confident with your gift, so please ask.

Here is my Christmas 2024 list with links and top picks. It is in alphabetical order, not preference.

Artisanal and Handmade Vegan Gifts

Support ethical businesses or local artisans and craftspeople by choosing handmade, vegan-friendly items like candles, soaps, jewellery, or home decor.

4 Ocean

Vegan Gift Ideas 4 Ocean

If you are buying for an ocean lover, this could be a company to support. 4 Ocean is "an ocean cleanup company dedicated to ending the ocean plastic crisis."

Vegan Gift Ideas 4 Ocean
Vegan Gift Ideas 4 Ocean

4 Ocean's has a range of ethically scoured items, but their sterling silver jewellery caught my eye. They have anklets, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and rings. Their style is varied from modern minimal to cute, with prices ranging from about $ 30 – $350 USD.


Mishakaudi sells lifestyle (décor) items and jewellery. Mishakaudi is a vegan brand and does not use leather or feathers in any designs.

Vegan Gift Ideas Mishakaudi

Each piece is individually hand-crafted in her workshop. Marissa Lewis designs the jewellery on this site. It can be described as bohemian with some "spiritual and witchy vibes".

The line is designed for "the goddess woman that believes that what she wears on her body and has in her space can create a powerful manifesting energy for that she desires, whether that be for protection, abundance, love or soul nourishment."

Prices range from $10 – $72 USD

Plant Posse

Vegan Gift Ideas Plant Posse

Plant Posse is quirky and cute. Their About page says, "We believe the community needs more conscientious gift-giving and consumerism. To that end, we strive to offer affordable, vegan, eco-friendly products for all."

They have various items: stickers, prayer flags, jewellery, T-shirts, totes, fanny packs, greeting cards, eco prints and paintings.

Vegan Gift Ideas Plant Posse

Prices are affordable and range depending on the category, but the average pair of dangle earrings is $28, and a set of three stud earrings is $48.

You get to choose what three sets you want with the stud buddle.

Beauty and Skincare Vegan Gifts

Self-care and self-spoil. Why not treat your loved one with something to make them feel great?

The Body Shop

Vegan Gift Ideas The Body Shop

It is world-famous and available in most places. The Body Shop could be a good option for those who do not want to order online at this time of the year or have left things a little too late.

Over the last several years, the vegan range at The Body Shop has improved its labelling. Around half of their products are vegan, but the labelling could have been more obvious. I had an experience when a poorly trained customer service person sold me something that wasn't vegan.

Now I don't need to worry as I can see what is available. Recently, I spoiled myself with two new fragrances. White Musk, Flora Eau De Toilette and Rebel Rosebud.

Vegan Gift Ideas The Body Shop

They are both floral scents but different from each other and long-lasting. The White Musk is more potent, but the Rebel Rosebud is my favourite.

The Body Shop does gift packages, and prices vary greatly. If you are unsure, they do gift cards.


Vegan Gift Ideas Sukin

Sukin is an Australian skincare range. They have great everyday products for anyone who likes minimising non-natural ingredients.

They sell gift packages ranging from $14 - $67. There are many options; if you don't know your person's skin or hair type, gift cards are available.

Drunk Elephant

Vegan Gift Ideas Drunk Elephant

Interesting brand name, I guess vegans like the idea of animals having a good time. Drunk Elephant has vegan items in their range.

They also do many gift packages. My favourites are Drunk Elephant, Lala Retro Whipped Cream, and the F-Balm Electrolyte Waterfacial.

Vegan Gift Ideas Drunk Elephant

Both of these products are super hydrating. I have skin that doesn't like anything heavy on it, and these have been good for me. I like to use the cream more on winter nights and the water facial gel more in the hotter months.

They can also be used in combination with each other and often are sold in the same gift packs.

Books Gift Ideas

Books are great if you can pick something that will be read and not just put on the shelf. Consider gifting books on veganism, plant-based nutrition, minimalism, sustainable living, or animal rights.

People are busier than ever before. If your person is anything like me, they are likelier to listen to an audiobook than sit still and read a book. Audible allows you to gift books, individual books, or memberships to others.

Vegan Gift Ideas

Dr Greger

Dr. Greger is a plant-based rock star. He is charismatic and motivated to improve people's health.

I have some of his books in hard copy and others in audiobooks. I prefer the audiobook because of Dr. Greger's unique reading style and humour.

Food and Treats

It is a myth that vegans can't eat chocolate, or vegan chocolate isn't any good. Many vegans appreciate treats such as chocolates, snacks, alcohol, and more.


Many beverages are vegan-friendly. Spirits and most beers are fine.

If you are buying wine, eggs are the main thing to look for. Many progressive wine companies have vegan-friendly labels on them now.


See what is available in your region. My region is Australia.

Vegan Gift Ideas


My favourite. Pico chocolate has a 'mint' dark mint. They are widely sold in places like IGA and Woolworths.


We don't miss Nutella because we have Vego. It comes in chocolate bars and a spread. There are now even different flavours and forms, such as chocolate buttons. Vego is sold in health food stores and some chemists with food sections.

Vegan Gift Ideas


Lindt now has its vegan range, but this isn't what your vegan will grab at the store. This range isn't bad; it's just powdery. If you have to choose one, the best is the salted caramel. Of course, this is my opinion only.

If you check the ingredients list, some darker chocolate is vegan. The Lindt 70% smooth is a lovely creamy dark bar. Just check the ingredients because companies change their mixes now and then.


Vegan Gift Ideas

Pana's taste is not like traditional chocolate. They can be hit and miss, but I rate them highly because when they get it right, YUM.

This company is quick to mix it up and try new combinations. I like their honeycomb, coconut, and Easter hot cross bun. I am hoping this year there will be a Christmas flavour.

Sweet Williams

There is a movement of people in this world that enjoy the taste of 'cheap chocolate'. This is that. Sweet Williams chocolate is most similar to Cadbury. It still has that diluted milky taste that non-dark chocolate eaters like. Sorry, my dark bias is coming through.

Clothing and Accessories Gift Ideas

Useable items are always a good idea. Choose clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories made from synthetic or plant-based materials, and do not use animal products like leather, fur, or wool.

Everything Vegan

Vegan Gift Ideas

Everything Vegan is a cruelty-free apparel company. It was founded by Aaron Seminoff in California.

"Like you, we are passionate about living a plant-based lifestyle. All of our cruelty-free apparel is 100% vegan and printed with organic water-based inks."

Vegan Gift Ideas

Everything Vegan sells t-shirts, stickers, hats, buttons, magnets, mugs, bags and socks. They also offer gift cards. Gifts are reasonably priced, costing under $30 USD for a t-shirt.

Vegan Outfitters

Vegan Gift Ideas

A stylish vegan brand "We wanted to create a brand that wasn't just 100% vegan, ethical, and sustainable, but one that actually looked good as well (and usually pisses off an Uncle at Christmas, which is always a bonus)."

They have achieved their goal. Vegan Outfitters sells beanies, t-shirts, aprons, mugs, bags, caps, hoodies, and pants. They also have gift cards. Vegan Outfitters is a UK site; a T-shirt will set you back about £45.

The Vegan Vibe

Vegan Gift Ideas

The Vegan Vibe sells t-shirts, crewnecks, hoodies, tank tops and cropped hoodies.

They sell ethical products and donate to many charities. The average T-shirt is about $30.

Vegan Dr. Martens

Vegan Gift Ideas

I may be a fan. I have three pairs and have worn them all a lot. See my blog post on these shoes for more information. Are Vegan Doc Martens Good?

They are an expensive investment, so you want to get it right. Prices range, but sales are good.

The average pair is around $200-$350 AUD for boots. Other styles tend to be cheaper. Watch the site for seasonal sales and grab your gift early. The classic boot is usually $320, but I have seen it on sale for $200. That's a massive saving for a little bit of patience.


Vegan Gift Ideas

This is the company that made the original Dr. Marten soles. They now have their own vegan shoe line. I am impressed by the choices available.

I always wanted cherry red vegan docs. This is probably the closest you'll get for the foreseeable future. Solovair shoes range from about $250 - $330 AUD. Those cherry red boots are $330.


Vegan Gift Ideas

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I have a collection of cookbooks. I am a collector. I don’t use them as much as I should to justify their purchase, but I like having them for inspiration. Search your favourite bookstores to find a cookbook that suits their style.

I have a Dr. Greger cookbook and a Forks Over Knives cookbook. They are well made and have healthy meals that are primarily simple and practical.


Christmas is the season for gift-giving and generosity. If the person is passionate about animal rights or environmental causes, consider donating to a vegan or animal welfare organisation in their name.

I'm not going to get overly political with this one. Everyone has their favourite charities. Here

Vegan Gift Ideas


Give the gift of experiences like a cooking class focused on plant-based cuisine, tickets to a vegan-friendly restaurant, or a spa day featuring cruelty-free treatments.

Music Tickets

Is there a festival or a concert coming up that you know they would enjoy?

Online Cooking Course

Vegan Gift Ideas

I have never tried an online cooking course, but if you have a very keen foodie to buy for, this could be a fun choice.

Plants or Seeds

A potted plant, an indoor herb garden, or a collection of seeds for growing vegetables can be a thoughtful and practical gift.

Sprout Kit

Vegan Gift Ideas

I love growing sprouts. If you haven’t tried it, I encourage you to try it. It’s a fun and nutritious activity.

Untamed has some suitable kits. Untamed is the brand I am currently using.

Lettuce Grow

Vegan Gift Ideas

If space is an issue, this indoor farmstand looks fun. The hydroponic system allows you to grow fresh vegetables and herbs.

This one is quite expensive, but I am sure there are similar indoor growing kits available.

Reusable Products and Secondhand Gifts

Eco-friendly gifts like reusable shopping bags, water bottles, or lunch containers align well with the vegan lifestyle and an environmentally conscious mindset.

Vegan Gift Ideas

Vintage items

Go op shopping/charity/second-hand shopping. Thrifting is one of my favourite things to do when I want to change up my wardrobe.

I regularly donate clothing and buy clothing from second-hand stores to make it a revolving system. This way, I never say, ‘I haven’t got anything to wear’ out of wardrobe boredom.

Subscription Boxes

Vegan Gift Ideas

Subscription boxes that offer vegan snacks, beauty products, books, or other themed items can be a fun and ongoing way to surprise them.

See what is available in your area. In Australia, one example is The Vegan Mystery Box

I hope that you found this list helpful. If you do decide to purchase any of these suggestions, I would love to hear from you.

Side Note and General Vegan Gift Buying Tips

Vegan Gift Ideas

Here are some general tips when buying for vegans.

Do not buy animal products:

  • Wool

  • Silk

  • Leather

  • Feathers

  • Fur

In food:

  • Egg

  • Dairy

  • Honey

  • Meat, poultry, fish or shell-fish

  • Animal-derived products such as gelatin, casein, whey, lard, collagen

Other animal goods and services to steer clear of:

Vegan Gift Ideas

Avoid palm oil: Even though palm oil comes from plant farming, vegans avoid it for environmental and health concerns. Farming comes at the cost of mass habitat destruction, putting species at risk. Orangutans are one of the most famous animals at risk due to palm oil plantations.

Anything tested on animals: some products are not tested on animals/ ‘cruelty-free’ but contain animal products. This does not pass for vegans; don’t buy these.

Animal entertainment or exploitation: No animal rides or trips to SeaWorld. If you are going to watch a film, animals in distress may upset your vegan.

Things to look for:

  • Vegan labelling: This is the easiest way to know your gift will be suitable.

  • Environmentally friendly and organic

  • Cruelty-free AND vegan (no animal products in the item)

  • Ethical: such as fair-trade

I hope you enjoyed my vegan gift guide. Have a happy holiday and enjoy the season with your loved ones!


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