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Fahlo For Sea Turtles, A Review

Fahlo sea turtle bracelet at the beach

Hey everyone! I'm thrilled to share something close to my heart that combines my love for style with my passion for wildlife conservation.

I've recently partnered with Fahlo. They are not a scam company. There may be other animal tracking bracelet scams but Fahlo is a legitimate company with conservation partners. Their bracelets have an ever-growing wildlife collection of beautiful animals.

I am addicted to their fabulous bracelets. I have ordered for myself and gifts: 1 sea turtle, 3 penguins, 1 polar bear, 2 gorillas, 2 giraffes and 1 shark. I would like to think I know what I'm talking about when it comes to Fahlo's bead bracelets.

Fahlo bracelets are a teaching tool, offering an interactive experience that brings the animal kingdom to your fingertips. When you get the bracelet you will be given a code that you scan into the Fahlo app. The animal then gets stored and you get regular tracking updates.

If 'something' happens to the animal's tracker Fahlo will provide you with a new animal code.

 It's about more than just fashion; it's an educational journey that connects us with animals' lives and highlights the importance of conservation efforts.

Wildlife Organizations Partnered with Fahlo

Fahlo collaborates with non-profit organisations to create beautiful bracelets. These animal tracking bracelets are linked to real animals out in the wild that you can track!

Fahlo has partnerships with several trusted wildlife conservation groups. These include:

  • Sea Turtle Conservancy

  • Save the Elephants

  • Polar Bears International

  • Saving the Blue

  • Global Penguin Society

  • Ewaso Lions

  • Somali Giraffe Project

  • Marine Conservation Ecology Lab

  • Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund

Fahlo and the Sea Turtle Conservancy

Fahlo Sea Turtle Bracelet Review

The Sea Turtle Conservancy (STC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting sea turtles. Sea turtles are crucial for healthy oceans. They help control jellyfish and keep seagrass beds healthy. The STC work to study and protect these creatures. They ensure the turtles have a safe place to live and reproduce.

The organization does research to learn about sea turtle behavior and migration. This helps create good conservation plans. It also educates the public through school programs and outreach. It stresses the importance of protecting sea turtles. The Sea Turtle Conservancy partners with various groups. It uses satellite tracking to raise awareness and funds for its mission.

One of the partnerships Fahlo has made is with the STC. Did you know that most sea turtle species are endangered? Fahlo and the STC are working together to raise awareness about the need to protect such a fantastic creature. STC website

Fahlo Sea Turtle Bracelet Review

I ordered my sea turtle bracelet from Fahlo at the end of last year. I was super excited to get the package!

Close-up Fahlo Sea Turtle Bracelet

When it arrived, it was in a recycled card envelope, and in it, there was a postcard with your animal's name, a bio and a QR code to scan. The Fahlo turtle I am tracking is called Marigold Puddlefoot (so cute!).

To track your animal you need the postcard which has the Fahlo turtle QR code. You will also need to download the Fahlo app.

What are Fahlo Beads Made of?

The Fahlo beads are made of glass or stone. The glass beads have a crackle finish (like my purple one). The stones are mostly polished, but not all.

My cute bracelet is well-made with vibrant translucent glass beads. The beads have a matte, crackle finish. The beads are beautiful. The only negative to the glass beads is that the crackle paint fades a little over time. The band stretches well and feels sturdy. Marigold is a detailed bead with a hand-carved appearance in the middle. I am highly impressed with the item.

After more than six months of wearing my Fahlo turtle braclet I am not as fussed by the fading of the beads. In fact I have come to like the finish as it reminds me of the glass you find washed up on the beach. The weathered look is unique and kind of charming.

Fahlo Sea Turtle Bracelet Faded

Why is My Fahlo Sea Turtle on Land?

Besides a tracker error your turtle might be on land for several reasons:

  • Nesting and Laying Eggs (the main reason for sea turtles)

  • Basking

  • Exploring

  • Avoiding Poor Water Quality

  • Illness or Stress

  • Natural Behavior

Turtles often leave the water to bask in the sun. This keeps them healthy. It regulates their body temperature and absorbs key vitamins. If your turtle is female, she may be looking for a place to lay her eggs. Sometimes turtles explore. Being on land may be part of that.

If the water in their habitat isn't clean or suitable, they might leave to find better conditions. Additionally, if a turtle is feeling sick or stressed, it might spend more time on land. Some turtle species spend a lot of time on land as part of their regular behaviour.

Other Bracelets in the Collection

  1. Shark Tracking Bracelet (Voyage Shark)

  2. Sea Turtle Tracking Bracelet (Journey Sea Turtle)

  3. Dolphin Tracking Bracelet (Odyssey Dolphin)

  4. Penguin Tracking Bracelet (Passage Penguin)

  5. Polar Bear Tracking Bracelet (Venture Polar Bear)

  6. Elephant Tracking Bracelet (Expedition Elephant)

  7. Lion Tracking Bracelet (Excursion Lion)

  8. Giraffe Tracking Bracelet (Trek Giraffe)

  9. Sloth Tracking Bracelet (Wander Bracelet)

Fahlo Customer Service 

I have only had one minor issue with one bracelet and they had amazing customer service. I was emailing a real person who responded promptly and politely. Potential customers should not be concerned about Fahlo. I am very happy with Fahlo products and customer service and will be a customer for life. Well so long as they keep growing their wildlife collections.


Do I recommend Fahlo's sea turtle bracelet? Yes! I love mine. If you're like me and believe in making impactful choices that benefit our planet, join us on this journey. Let's proudly support wildlife conservation and be a part of something bigger.

If you are interested in browsing the Fahlo bracelet collection here is my affiliate link to Fahlo. Remember to use my coupon code for 10% off PLANTZMATTER20


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