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Fahlo Shark Tracking Bracelet | Voyage Bracelet Review

Fahlo Shark Bracelet

If you're looking for an amazing adventure that combines fashion and environmental preservation, look no further than the Voyage Bracelet. This shark tracking bracelet is not just a piece of jewellery; it’s your ticket to the ocean's depths.

Track Your Own Shark

Fahlo is an excellent option if you're looking for a meaningful gift. Each bracelet comes with a real shark to track. There are different sharks. For example, you might end up tracking a majestic whale shark or an agile hammerhead. Wearing this beaded bracelet means you can gain knowledge of their amazing stories and watch their journeys unfold in real-time.

As I slip on the Fahlo shark bracelet, I'm reminded of my childhood fascination with the ocean's apex predators. The fun accessory's intricate design shows a love for marine life. It also shows a commitment to protecting these great creatures and their homes. You'll love the shark bracelet if you're a fan of Fahlo's conservation-inspired jewellery. 

The shark bracelet is listed as ‘The Voyage Bracelet’. For this bracelet, Fahlo has partnered with Saving the Blue. This organisation is dedicated to preserving marine life, including sharks. Fahlo made this accessory a must-have for those who love sharks and want to save our planet's biodiversity.

The Appeal of the Fahlo Shark Bracelet

The Fahlo shark bracelet combines conservation and style. It supports wildlife conservation and serves as a fashionable accessory. It makes a positive impact. One of the cool things about Fahlo bracelets is that you never know what animal you'll receive.

On this postcard, I scored the super cool hammerhead shark. This shark is one of the ocean's most iconic and fascinating species. Each bracelet comes with a QR code. It lets you track a real shark's movements through the Fahlo app. This adds an educational layer to the experience.

Unboxing and First Impressions

The bracelet arrives in an eco-friendly recycled card envelope, maintaining Fahlo’s commitment to sustainability. Inside, you’ll find a postcard with your shark’s name, bio, and a QR code for tracking.

Your Shark:  How Shark Tracking Works

Each bracelet comes with a unique QR code, or shark tracking card. The card has information about your animal and a link to the Fahlo app. This app lets you track your shark's movements through an electronic tracking device. Whether your shark is swimming near the shore or diving deep, you’ll get updates on its location. You can even learn your shark's name and get their picture on a special tracking map. This technology brings you closer to these incredible creatures and helps you explore their world.

To start tracking, download the Fahlo app and scan the QR code. This connects you to your shark and provides regular updates on its location. Tracking your shark can teach you about their migrations. You will learn their habits and the need for marine conservation. Each bracelet includes a unique QR code that links to a specific shark in the wild. 

Bracelet Design and Durability

Fahlo Shark Bracelet and QR Code

The bracelet beads are made of glass or stone, with a beautiful crackle finish that adds a unique touch. The band is stretchy and sturdy, designed to withstand daily wear. The vibrant, translucent beads and detailed shark charm make for an eye-catching accessory.

Saving the Blue

Saving the Blue is a nonprofit. It dedicates itself to protecting ocean animals, including sharks. Sharks are vital to our oceans. They help keep other marine animal populations balanced. Without sharks, the entire ocean ecosystem could be disrupted. Saving the Blue works hard to study and protect these important creatures.

A portion of all proceeds goes to Saving the Blue. They're dedicated to protecting sharks and other marine life. They work to recover and restore a variety of shark species, ensuring the health of our oceans. Your purchase supports their efforts to save the sharks and preserve our planet's biodiversity.

The organization does scientific research to learn about sharks and their habits. This helps make better conservation plans. They also educate the public about why it's important to protect sharks. Saving the Blue raise money and awareness for their cause. People can support them by donating. They can also buy supportive products or spread the word about the importance of sharks.

Why is My Fahlo Shark on Land? 

If the tracker shows your shark on land, it might be due to temporary GPS errors, or the shark might be close to the shore. If you continue to have issues, I suggest contacting customer support. They are quick to respond and helpful. 


Do I recommend the Fahlo shark bracelet? Absolutely! The Fahlo shark bracelet combines fashion with a mission. It lets wearers track real sharks and support marine conservation. It’s not just a bracelet; it’s a journey into the ocean's depths, connecting you with the fascinating lives of sharks.

It's a fantastic way to support marine conservation while sporting a stylish accessory. If you love sharks and want to make a difference, this bracelet is a great choice.

I love tracking wildlife, and Fahlo has an ever-growing selection of real animals. I live in Australia and find that postage is typically quite quick and reliable. 

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