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Educational Resources

I've spent years working in education and childcare. I've taught students of all ages and managed after-school activities. This page is dedicated to sharing free educational resources to help children learn about the environment and sustainability. 

All the resources are free, downloadable and printable to save time and money. These resources will allow you to spend time where it is important, providing quality education. 


It's important to inspire kids to care for our planet. I'm excited to share these fun learning materials. Let's work together to prepare our future leaders to protect our world. Please subscribe if you find these resources helpful and want to see more. 

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The Environment

Healthy Living

Instructions: Click on the image to download the free printable PDF

The Environment

The Environment

The Water Cycle: This basic water cycle printable is aimed at primary school-aged learners and has an answer sheet attached. 

Water Cycle Primary.jpg

Food Webs: This worksheet for high school or middle school students examines how food webs work and the threats to their balance. The worksheet has two pages, and the answers are attached.

Food Web .jpg

Tsunami Awareness Week: A tsunami awareness worksheet with causes, facts and safety. There is a student worksheet and an educator answer sheet.

Teacher Sheet.jpg

Healthy Living 

Helthy Living

Healthy Eating: This is a printable worksheet in which early learners cut out food and decide whether they think the items are healthy. It is plant-focused and based on Dr. Fuhrman's greens, beans, onions, mushrooms, berries, and seeds (GBOMBS) theory.

Healthy Foods: This is a colouring sheet where learners colour in healthy food based on Dr Fuhrman's GBOMBS theory. 

Healthy Eating Plant-Based .jpg
Healthy Foods Worsheet 2 GBOMBS.jpg
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