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Wellness Resources 

Please review the links provided if any blog posts have sparked your curiosity. This library lists some of the most trusted plant-based experts and organisations. I believe in logic, science and sound data. 

​You can see the evidence-based research behind the site’s posts by clicking on the links. You can also dig deeper into anything you are interested in. A wealth of good information exists; you only need to seek it.

​If you clicked on an internal link that brought you here, it is not without purpose. I hope that you will explore more than the resource you sort. So you can easily navigate, I have arranged the sources alphabetically. This will help you find what you are looking for. 

​If you have any information that you feel should be added to this list, or you would like to work with me, please contact me. ​​

I hope you enjoy these resources and help me to raise awareness by sharing anything you find helpful.

Resources and References

Chef AJ

Daily Dozen

Dr Allan Goldhamer

Dr Michael Greger (See

Dr Michael Klapper 

Dr Douglas J. Lisle


Gratitude Journaling 

Greater Good Science Center. (n.d.). Gratitude. Greater Good Science Center, University of California, Berkeley. Retrieved June 9, 2024, from

Heart Health

  • Kim, H., Caulfield, L. E., Rebholz, C. M., Selvin, E., & Appel, L. J. (2022). Plant‐Based Diets and Incident Cardiovascular Disease and Cardiovascular Disease Mortality in Middle‐Aged Adults: The Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities (ARIC) Study. Journal of the American Heart Association, 11(9).

Mental Health

Mindfulness & Meditation 

  • Hoge, E. A., Bui, E., Marques, L., Metcalf, C. A., Morris, L. K., Robinaugh, D. J., Worthington, J. J., Pollack, M. H., & Simon, N. M. (2013). Randomized Controlled Trial of Mindfulness Meditation for Generalized Anxiety Disorder: Effects on Anxiety and Stress Reactivity. Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, 74(8), 786–792.

Nutrition Australia


  • Bailly, G. G. (2011). Oxalate content in commercially produced cocoa and dark chocolate. Journal of Food Composition and Analysis, 24(7), [Journal Issue Page Range].

Oxalosis and Hyperoxaluria Foundation (OHF) 

  • Savage, G. P., Nilzen, V., Osterberg, K., & Vanhanen, L. (2002). Soluble and insoluble oxalate content of mushrooms. International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition, 53(4), 293-296.

  • Siener, R., Bangen, U., Sidhu, H., Hönow, R., & Hesse, A. (2006). The role of oxalate metabolism in calcium oxalate stone formation: Impact of oxalate loading, bacterial oxalate degradation, and the inhibition of intestinal oxalate absorption by probiotics. American Journal of Nephrology, 26(2), 94-104.

Oxford Reference 

Vegan Easy



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