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Mindful Talk Conversation Cards Review

Mindful Talk Card Game

Introducing Mindful Talk Conversation Cards

Today’s conversation starter cards are centred around mindfulness. The product is Mindful Talk. This card deck is a set of 50 from Vanhalla Publishing.

Conversation starter cards are designed to help people engage in conversation. The cards ask questions about topics that they may usually find challenging to approach or subjects that may not come up in casual conversation. They are thought-provoking and central themes. If you would like to browse Mindful Talk Conversation Cards (Amazon affiliate link).

Engaging Mindfulness with Conversation Cards

The Mindful Talk card deck by Vanhalla Publishing is designed to enhance mindfulness through engaging conversations. This set includes 50 cards, each promoting thoughtful discussions. The cards are divided into four categories: Expression, Emotion, Mindfulness, and Inquiry. These categories cover many topics. They make it a versatile tool for mindfulness activities.

High-Quality, Inclusive Tool

These cards are not just for adults but can be used by kids aged 8 and up, making them a kid-friendly and inclusive tool. Each card features colourful illustrations and comes in a boxed card deck. The cards are made of high-quality, film-coated material, ensuring durability and ease of use. The set also includes an instructional booklet to guide users through the mindfulness activities.

Practical Use and Benefits

Using these cards is straightforward, with easy-to-follow steps. They can be used in a variety of settings from morning to night, catering to a wide range of abilities. They can be used to enhance social skills. They can also be used as mindfulness practice affirmation cards. These cards provide a valuable tool. They help foster deeper connections and mindfulness in daily life.

Versatility and Accessibility

The Mindful Talk cards are useful for both thinking alone and group activities. They are versatile. You can use them as daily mindfulness prompts. Or, add them to a classroom mindfulness routine. The prompts are thoughtful. The mindfulness cards are creative and are a great connection tool.

There are four categories of questions:

Deck of Mindful Talk Conversation Cards

  • Expression

  • Emotion

  • Mindfulness

  • Inquiry

Some Benefits of Conversation Cards and How to Use Them

Conversation cards encourage interpersonal skills such as active listening, self-expression, comprehension, empathy, turn-taking, and mindful communication. They help people learn to communicate better with others.

The publisher states that they are targeted for adults to have “authentic conversations with children”, but don’t let this put you off. Anyone can use them. My partner and I use them during our dinner-time chats to practice mindfulness together.

They are recommended for 8+ and between 2 and 6 players. Playtime is recommended for 30-60 minutes. You can use these cards alone. Yes, they are meant to be used to talk to someone, but I have used them as mindfulness practice prompts for journaling. Pick a card and write.

The time given to play of 30-60 minutes is arbitrary; the cards take as long as they take, and the conversation will flow naturally. Some cards only take a quick round, while others require more deep diving. There have been times when one card has been enough. For example, this is because the conversations can run deep or the attention span is only there for one round.

To play, you should divide the cards into separate categories and allow each player turn-by-turn to pick a card. Then, you can take it in turn to discuss each card. The alternative is to shuffle the cards. Everyone has the right to pass if they are uncomfortable answering the question. Find a way to play that suits the situation.

The cards are of good quality. They are thick, glossy and colourful. Mindful Talk cards can be bought on Amazon (affiliate link): Mindful Talk.

Would I Recommend Mindful Talk Cards?

Yes, I would recommend Mindful Talk conversation cards, a trend in my house right now. We can’t seem to get enough of them. I like the prompts in this set; they are thoughtfully written and promote conversation for kids and adults.


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