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15 Practical and Thoughtful Vegan Gift Ideas for Him 2024

Vegan Gift for Him

Vegan Gift Ideas for Him

Here is a list of ethical gifts that cater for a variety of vegan men. If you can't think of anything, or he doesn't want anything, remember you can always donate to his favourite charity. I have included Amazon Associate links to some of the products.

Book Collection

Dune on Amazon

Books are another thoughtful gift. A set of books from his favourite author or genre or a special edition of a book he loves. If they're into Sci-Fi Dune is an amazing book!

Tech Gadgets

Gadgets like wireless earbuds, smartwatches, or a new tablet, depending on his interests. A quick search for vegan noise-cancelling headphones will bring you to the latest and greatest. 

If your man is a foodie, you can buy kitchen gadgets to help him level up his cooking skills. Here is an Amazon link to Instant Pot.

Instant pot

Experience Day

Gifts don't have to always be tangible items. If you're more on the minimalist side, an experience like a driving day in a race car, a ticket to a theme park, or a wine-tasting tour could work.

rollercoaster ride

Vegan Cooking Class

A fun and interactive way to learn new vegan recipes together. If there are none in your area, maybe a vegan cookbook and you can work through it together. 

Vegan Skincare Products or Scents

A set of cruelty-free and vegan skincare products, like moisturisers, beard oils, or shaving kits. The Body Shop has a male product line.

Gourmet Food Basket

HG Gift hamper

A reusable basket filled with his favourite snacks, chocolates, or gourmet foods. What's not to love? This is a thoughtful gift as it shows you know what he enjoys. Better yet, he may even share some of that chocolate with you!

Quality Leather Wallet

There are so many good vegan leathers out there. High-quality leather wallets or card holders are readily available. 

Brewing Kit

If he is a beer connoisseur, you can buy a home brewing kit that can be a fun and unique gift.

Vegan Doc Martens

Clothing or Shoes

There are many ethical fashion houses out there. Glam up his wardrobe with a new item of clothing or replace an old worn-out favourite. If he is more into reusing than buying new, find something vintage from a charity store. To find out if Vegan Dr. Martens are worth the price read my review Are Vegan Doc Martens Good? Spoiler, they are! Amazon has Vegan Dr Martens.

Personalised Watch

Mondaine grape leather watch Amazon

Brans are beginning to offer ethical options. A stylish watch with a personalised engraving can be a practical and sentimental gift. Mondaine has an extensive range that will cater to most taste types. They have sporty, minimalist and dress watches. At the moment, they even have Valentine's Day deals and sets. Amazon has Mondaine vegan grape leather watches.

Fitness Tracker

Many of us choose fitness trackers over watches. A fitness tracker could be a helpful gift if he is fitness-conscious or likes tracking his sleep.

Vegan Wine or Craft Beer

Many wines and beers are vegan-friendly. Look for brands that specify they don't use animal products in processing.

Ethical Jewelry

Made from ethical, sustainable materials and cruelty-free processes.

Herb Growing Kit

A kit to grow herbs at home, perfect for a cooking enthusiast.

live concert

Concert or Event Tickets

You can enjoy tickets to a show, concert, or event together.


These gifts are practical, thoughtful, and align with vegan values. I hope that this blog on Vegan Gift Ideas for Him has given you some ideas!


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