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11 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Vegans 2024

Are you looking for some Valentine's Day gifts to spoil your special person? I am here to help. With a bit of luck, something on this list will spark your interest.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Vegans

1. Art

Buy local art or classic prints. There are many shops online offering both. Local home decor shops sell artwork as well. If a big print is out of your budget. You can buy card prints or postcards and put images in a nice frame.

The Kiss by Gustav Klimt is a famous romantic image. It is available from Inka Arthouse


2. Candles


Looking for some romantic lighting or a scent that will help enhance special memories? Dusk sells candles, diffusers, oils, fragrances, homeware and gift packs.

Buy through Amazon affiliate link: dusk - Vanilla Caramel Scented Pillar Candle

All our products are 100% vegan friendly and are free from animal by-products. We do not support the testing of products on animals and neither our products or our sourcing facilities and companies test on animals under any circumstances. Our suppliers are accredited as cruelty free companies.

3. Jewellery


While not all of Pandora’s items are vegan, a majority are. Pamela Anderson has become the face of the new lab-grown diamond range. Anderson has been a long-term vegan and supporter of animal rights. Here is my Amazon affiliate link to Pandora.


Earth Fire Jewellery

Silver Heart Leaf Pendant or a protective Evil Eye Pendant, talisman, by Earth Fire Jewellery.

heart shaped leaf

As we celebrate this special day of love, I offer you a unique and meaningful gift—the powerful Evil Eye talisman. Also known as the Nazar amulet or the captivating token holds the promise of safeguarding the one you hold dear. It serves as a shield against the malevolent influence of the 'evil eye,' that envious and jealous gaze that can bring harm, misfortune, or ill luck to those we cherish. Let this timeless symbol be a reminder of my unwavering commitment to protect and cherish, now and forever.

protective evil eye

The belief is that the talisman absorbs the negative energy directed at the wearer and either deflects it away or breaks, thus preventing harm.

4. Perfume

Mecca sells many vegan options. I had Ellis Brooklyn, Raven Eau De Parfum bought for me. I love to wear it, particularly in winter as it has a deep, warm scent. Here is my Amazon affiliate link to Ellis Brooklyn Raven candle.

Raven perfume is vegan

The unlikely inspiration for this intoxicating scent? The raven, of course. Steeped in mystery and complexity, this unique fragrance channels the multifaceted essence of this captivating creature. Seductive and complex, this scent exudes an air of confidence and sensuality.

5. Books and Film

Romeo + Juliet

Can't find the right words to express your feelings? Look for inspiration from the professionals.

Poems: A quick search for ‘love poems’ brings up a myriad of options. Check it out on my Amazon link: love poems.

Looking for a film?

Shakespeare adaptations: These are a great way to go. Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet from the 1990s is a classic. Or the other 90s hit 10 Things I Hate About You.

Wanting something a little more comedic? Warm Bodies, 2013 is an adaptation of Romeo and Juliet.

Here is my Amazon affiliate link if you want a hard copy of a Romeo and Juliet film.

6. Food and Treats


Many progressive wine companies now have vegan labelling. The main thing to look for on the ingredient list is egg. Some wines are processed using egg. If you cannot see this, assume that it is. It is better to play it safe and buy something that says vegan. This way your vegan can relax and enjoy the wine.


Vegan Chocolate is awesome. There are many choices. While I haven’t seen anything specifically dedicated to this day, I have a feeling this year might be the year. There is already vegan Easter and Christmas chocolate. Logically, Valentine’s Day is the next major celebration involving chocolate.

7. Accessories

Choose clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories that are made from synthetic or plant-based materials and do not use animal products like leather, fur, or wool.


There are many options now including vegan leather. Filter through these sites and see if you can find something that suits your person’s style.


Sofía - Corn Leather Vegan Bag

Velvety Is An Ethical Marketplace And A Personal Project Conducted By Lorena Estelle Which Is The Result Of A General Desire To Offer Vegan Fashion that is also Sustainable & Ethically Made For Men And Women All In One Place.

Sevigny - Cactus Leather Crossbody Vegan Bag


Louenhide is a Brisbane based fashion accessories brand, established by two friends, Heidi Bailey and Lou Kendall, 17 years ago.

Sans Beast

Whether you seek a crossbody bag, tote bag, backpack or satchel, you'll find a covetable cruelty free handbag for all moments + moods.

8. Experiences

Time and attention are two of our most precious resources. Spend quality time off your phones with each other. Go to new places, try new things, and only take your phone out to take photos.

  • Attend local events

  • Board games or puzzles

  • Cooking together

  • Couples' spa day

  • Dance class

  • DIY projects

  • Exercise

  • Gardening

  • Holiday

  • Massage

  • Movie or TV show marathon

  • Music / concerts

  • Outdoor adventures

  • Photo album creation

  • Reading to each other

  • Stargazing

  • Theatre

  • Travel

  • Visit museums or art galleries

  • Volunteer

  • Wine tasting

Classic winner, flowers

9. Flowers

This one is obvious, but I am going to include it because it is important. Most ladies I know like to get flowers. Be bold and try different varieties to what is expected and at least once a year buy flowers unexpectedly, just because.

10. Plants

A longer-lasting gift than a bouquet. You could consider buying a plant if your person has a green thumb. A rose bush will produce roses over a lifetime.

Bulbs are another idea. Some of the most beautiful flowers come from bulbs. The great thing about them is that the flowers return annually.

11. Personalised Gifts

digital photo frame

Consider a custom-made piece of artwork or a framed photo of the two of you. You could even book a professional photography session.

Buy a digital photo frame with my Amazon link. This way all those pictures you have been taking on date nights can go on display.

Here are some general tips when buying for vegans.

It is possible that some of these suggestions are not 100% vegan. We are all consumers and it is impossible to do zero harm to the environment.

In my opinion being vegan isn't about being perfect, it is about moving towards more environmentally consious and animal ethical decisions.

fair trade logo

Do not buy animal products:






In food:




Meat, poultry, fish or shell-fish

Animal-derived products such as gelatin, casein, and whey, lard, collagen

Other animal goods and services to steer clear of:

Avoid palm oil: Even though palm oil comes for plants farming vegans avoid it for environmental and health concerns. The farming comes at the cost of mass habitat destruction putting species at risk. Orangutans are one of the most famous animals to be at risk due to palm oil plantations.

Anything tested on animals: some products are not tested on animals/ ‘cruelty free’, but they contain animal products. This does not pass for vegans, don’t buy these.

Animal entertainment or exploitation: No horse rides or trips to Sea World. If you are going to watch a film, animals in distress may upset your vegan.

Things to look for:

vegan logo

Vegan labeling: This is the easiest way to know your gift will be suitable.

Environmentally friendly and/or organic

Cruelty-free AND vegan (no animal products in the item)

Ethical: such as fair-trade


Thank you for reading my post on 11 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Vegans. If you didn't find something you are looking for on this list I suggest you read the Christmas blog post. The gift suggestions will still be relevant.

While the list is mainly aimed at an Australian audience, many of the suggestions are available across the world. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

I hope you have a special day this year and for many years to come.


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