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Step Up Your Game with Vegan Reebok Club C

Club C 85 Vegan Reebok Pink and Green

The fashion industry is starting to change. Reebok could be better. But, they are making an effort towards more sustainable and ethical practices. This is a good start considering how some other big brands have yet to budge on their bad habits.

Reebok, a global company, now sells vegan shoes. They cater to eco-conscious consumers and promote ethical fashion. So this time when I needed sneakers I switched to Reebok. This time I bought Club C 85 Vegan.

I have never been a white sneaker person, but I have to admit these sneakers are growing on me quickly. They are great quality and style well with so many things in my wardrobe.

Stand Out with Vegan Reebok Club C

Reebok makes vegan shoes without any animal products. The shoes meet strict vegan certification criteria. Reebok goes further than being animal-free.

Reebok has started using materials. This lowers environmental impact without sacrificing quality or performance. Good news for vegans who want to look good while trying to save the planet!

Reebok Club C 85 Vegan Shoes

The Reebok Club C 85 Vegan Shoes offer a court-inspired vegan option for those looking to combine style with ethical choices. These shoes feature a vegan upper, making them free from any animal-derived materials. The padded shoe collar ensures comfort, while the rubber outsole provides durability and grip.

Signature Design and Materials

The Reebok Club C 85 Vegan Shoes stand out with their signature design and use of eco-friendly materials. The vegan leather upper combines synthetic leather and bio-based materials. This maintains a stylish look while being environmentally conscious.

The shoes feature a compression-sculpted midsole and an outsole for traction. This gives it both comfort and durability. I started by wearing mine to work, but I enjoy them so much I wear them most days of the week.

Versatile and Comfortable

They are easy to style and look great with little effort. The minimalist design and elevated details make them suitable for any wardrobe. They are versatile sneakers perfect for many occasions, from casual outings to more formal events.

The lace closure ensures a snug fit. The breathable eco-microfiber upper keeps your feet comfortable without overheating all day long. If you're looking for casual sneaker style or vegan dress shoes, these sneakers offer a super-clean and classic design.

Vegan and Comfortable

As vegan running shoes, the Reebok Club C 85 Vegan Shoes offer comfort. The quality shoe construction ensures they are durable and long-lasting. They can be vegan basketball shoes, vegan designer shoes, or vegan workout shoes; they'll meet all your needs. The eco-friendly vegan women's white sneakers are particularly popular for their clean, stylish look and comfortable fit.

Material Innovation

Reebok makes vegan shoes using unique materials like algae and corn. This reduces the need for petroleum. The shoes are comfortable, strong, and perform well. The vegan collection has many options, from Classic to Club C. They have you covered. My vegan Reeboks are good quality and they will last me much longer than a cheap pair of sneakers.

Stylish and Functional

Styled Vegan Club C 85 Reebok Woman Wearing

Reebok knows modern shoppers want sustainable products that look good and work well. Their vegan shoe collection offers various styles for all tastes and activities. These shoes prove ethical fashion can be trendy and practical.

The Rebook vegan collection has Classic, Classic SP and Club C 85 available at the time of writing this. These shoes are white or off-white and come with a variety of accents. No need to update your wardrobe with the vegan collection. These sneakers pair well with most outfits.

The Classic accents are pale pink (purplish), pale blue (purplish) and pale grey. Or as their marketing team has put it:

  • Chalk/Pure Grey 3/Taupe

  • Chalk/Chalk/Infused Lilac

  • White/White/Lilac Glow

  • Chalk/Feel Good Blue/Chalk (Classic SP)

Club C 85 Vegan Reebok back view

The Vegan Reekbok Club C 85 men's comes in:

  • Wht/Collegiate Gold/Dark Green

  • Chalk/Gable Grey/Vector Navy

  • White/Cobalt/Burgundy

The Club C 85 women comes in:

  • Chalk/Pink Glow/Forest Green

The forest green and pink glow is what I purchased. At the time there were two colours available for women, and that wasn't long ago. That means that these sneakers are selling quickly. I'm happy I bought mine when I did because I have an 'average' foot size. Average means sellers run out quickly.

Amazon has a much larger offering on their website. Check out vegan Reebok.

A Step Towards a Greener Future

We all need shoes. When people buy quality, long-lasting vegan shoes, they help the environment. Making leather shoes harms the environment a lot. Livestock farming for leather causes carbon emissions. The tanning process for leather also pollutes. Reebok's vegan shoes are better for the environment. They suit people who care about the planet.

Why Choose Vegan Reebok Shoes?

Front view Vegan Club C 85 Reebok

Choosing Reebok's vegan shoes shows care for the environment and animals. It's not just about style. These shoes are famous for these reasons:

  • These shoes incorporate recycled and plant-based materials to promote sustainability. This helps to reduce waste and carbon emissions.

  • Reebok commits to vegan certification as part of its ethical manufacturing process. This means they do not harm animals when making their footwear.

  • Using new materials and technology, Reebok shows sustainability can work well with quality and performance.

  • Reebok offers many vegan shoe styles for diverse tastes, showing ethics can be trendy.


Do I recommend vegan Reebok? Yes, I have my Club C 85 and I think they are top-notch. They are comfortable, cruelty-free and stylish. I plan on wearing them with pretty much everything in my wardrobe. Will I be able to keep them white? Time will tell. Click the link to shop Amazon vegan Reebok.

If Dr. Martens are more your thing, read my post: Are Vegan Doc Martens Good? A Review

Thank you for reading and don't forget to up your shoe game ethically!


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