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Review: Earth Choice Laundry Washing Liquid

Earth Choice laundry liquid front of bottle

There are so many laundry detergents on the market. Finding the right laundry liquid to meet your washing needs can be tricky. Most liquid detergents aren't cheap.

The last thing you want to do is spend a bunch of money on a laundry detergent only to find it doesn't wash your clothes clean, irritates sensitive skin, is ineffective on tough stains and leaves residue, or you're not a fan of the fragrance.

If you are struggling to find the right product, I think I've got something to meet your needs: Earth Choice washing liquid.

Earth Choice Liquid Detergent Product Overview

Earth Choice laundry liquid is made by Natures Organics. The laundry liquid is easy to spot on the supermarket shelf. You can find it amongst the eco-friendly laundry detergents. It is not screaming for attention like the other brightly coloured, heavily fragrant liquid detergent bottles full of harsh chemicals. Earth Choice laundry liquid is unassuming. It comes in a 1-litre recycled clear plastic bottle.

The post-consumer recycled plastic helps to reduce the use of non-renewable resources and carbon emissions. The bottle displays the clarity of its formula, which is pale blue in colour. It has simple graphics that are informative:

  • Laundry liquid front and top loader washing machines

  • Plant-based ingredients

  • Recycled plastic

  • Grey water and septic-safe

  • Australian-made and owned

  • Cruelty-free

Suitable for Different Washing Machines

Earth Choice Laundry Liquid is versatile and suitable for various washing machine types. Whether you have a top loader, front loader, or a high-efficiency machine, this detergent performs effectively. It works well in both warm wash cycles and cold washes, adapting to your washing machine drum and load washing machine settings.


Earth Choice laundry liquid is available from most supermarkets. I think you will struggle to find a quality product cheaper. For many years, this product was available for $2.00, but with inflation, it has recently gone up to $3.00 a bottle. The decent price is very attractive compared to many of the other options available.

But is it cheap or is it good? Well, friends, it is both! It truly is a gentle formula that leaves your laundry clean and smelling fresh.

Earth Choice Laundry Liquid: An Eco-Friendly Option

Earth Choice Laundry Liquid is a standout product amongst eco-friendly detergents. This plant-based formula and recycled bottle are Australian Made and Owned. The product is designed to create a reduction in carbon emissions.

Its formulation includes readily biodegradable surfactants. This makes it safe for greywater and septic systems. You can use it in your washing machine without worrying about harming the environment or your septic tank. The product packaging highlights its absence of petrochemical cleansers, further cementing its eco-friendly credentials.

Eco-friendliness and Sustainability

Earth Choice, as the name suggests, has more friendly ingredients than some of its competitors. The product is cruelty-free and vegan. Earth Choice's have biodegradable surfactants (to AS4351).

Nature Organics states on its website that “this product contains no enzymes, phosphates or bleaches and is low in sodium, meaning the wash and rinse water is safe for grey water use.”

Earth choice laundry liquid back of bottle

  • Water - Purified Solvent

  • Coco-Glucoside * Cleaning agent

  • Sodium Coco-Sulfate* Cleaning agent

  • Sodium Carbonate Builder

  • Sodium Citrate* Builder

  • Sodium Oleate* Foam Control

  • Ethanol* Viscosity control

  • Sodium Bicarbonate Builder

  • Citric Acid* pH adjuster

  • Fragrance Perfume

  • Benzisothiazolinone Preservative

  • CI 61585 Dye

*Plant-derived ingredients

Effectiveness in Cleaning, Scent and Skin Sensitivity

The packaging is no frills, with a simple screw top the size of a soda bottle. It does not have a pouring mechanism or measuring cup. The liquid is clear and has a similar consistency to most other liquids when pouring it.

It has a fresh scent that is lightly floral but is not overpowering, and it does not aggravate my allergies. I started using this product many years ago as I had a reaction to a popular laundry powder. If you are looking for a light fragrance this is a good choice.

Earth Choice is gentle on the senses, your skin and your clothes clean. Your washing will come out fresh-smelling without a powerful smell. I know some people like their clothes to have perfume from the washing, but I do not. I like my clothes to smell clean without a chemical scent. This is mostly because of allergies. On the occasions I want fragrance I use Earth Choice Fabric Softener.

I have unfaithfully used Earth Choice for over a decade. At times, I have become distracted and want to try different laundry products, but I always come back. I like the liquid more than laundry powders as it does not leave a residue. Earth Choice is tough on dirt but gentle on fabrics.

It may be unpopular, but I don't use hot water. I only use cold water to keep my clothes clean. I don't see a need for anything other than a cold wash cycle if you have a good detergent. I have used this detergent on both types of loader machines without issue.


Earth's Choice is effective at cleaning and can be used to clean just about anything. The only exception to the rule is my pet bedding. For pet bedding, I prefer to use a harsher deodorising liquid. I would not choose to use this liquid on anything else as it is far too strong and irritating. The dog doesn't seem to mind.

Stains would be another topic of interest. It does remove mild stains. For more serious stains, you will need to use a soak, or I like another Earth Choice product called Earth Choice Ultra Power Stain Remover. For perspiration stains, make-up stains, baby food stains and the like simply spray it on, rub it in a little, give it some time to work and then wash as normal. 

Transparency and Consumer Trust

Earth Choice provides detailed product labels and accurate ingredients lists, ensuring transparency for consumers. The packaging clearly outlines the product details. This helps customers make informed decisions. Earth Choice has a strong focus on ethical production and environmental safety. They have built a reputation for trustworthiness.

Earth Choice Powder Detergent

A long time ago, I use to use powder laundry detergents. I don't like traditional detergents. I stopped using powdered detergent, despite the lower cost per wash,  because I did not like the residue it left on my clothes.

The nasty chemicals irritates my sensitive skin, not to mention the chemical waste. Another thing I do not like about traditional detergents is the artificial scent. I hate walking down the cleaning isles because of the heavy scents competing for my attention.

I have never tried capsule laundry detergents so I cannot comment on those.

Conclusion Earth Choice Washing Liquid

I like many of the Earth Choice product range. I am in no way affiliated with Natures Organics. I am just an average person trying to do their washing in a way that causes less damage to the environment and less harm to animals while having allergies.

I feel comfortable recommending this product because I have been using it longer than just about any other household cleaner I have lying around.

The product has been consistent throughout the period I have been using it, and the affordable price has always been more than fair. Earth Choice laundry liquid is great value. It is tough on dirt but gentle on fabrics, the environment, and your skin.

Give it a try and tell me what you think. Have you found something else that is just as pleasing and competitive?


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