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Raisin Bread Is Tip Top and Raising My Spirits

Tip Top Wholemeal Bread - Vegan

Easter is around the corner already! Hot cross buns have been on the shelf since the start of the year. It seems that every year the holiday merch comes out earlier and earlier.

I like hot cross buns but find them more of a novelty than a practical food item. I'll choose raisin bread/toast over buns almost every time. 

Do I Recommend Tip Top Raisin Bread?

Yes, I am a fan of Tip Top wholemeal raisin bread. It’s thick, fruity and has just the right amount of spice. Tip Top wholemeal raisin bread is best, in my opinion, eaten toasted with Nutlex.

Tip Top wholemeal raisin bread lasts well in the fridge and, for extended storage, can be put in the freezer. 

Is Tip Top Raisin Bread Vegan? 

Yes. Tip Top original raisin bread and Tip Top wholemeal raisin bread are both vegan. Tip Top cafe bread is vegan, if you don’t mind, but it may contain milk. I wasn’t 100% sure, so I emailed Tip Top to ask.

Their customer service team is excellent. Here is exactly (names edited out) what they had to say: 


Thank you for contacting us regarding our Tip Top raisin toast products.

All 3 of our raisin toast breads (plain, wholemeal & cafe)  have vegan-friendly ingredients (emulsifiers are derived from plants). Ingredients are listed in packets and our website.

Our Cafe has milk as a may contain, not as an ingredient as milk is used in another product at the bakery where we also make our cafe for the Vic, NSW & SA markets.

Thanks again for contacting us,

Consumer Information Centre"

A Versatile Raisin Toast

Rasin toast is a great option for those who enjoy a bit of sweetness in their bread for breakfast. Tip Top's juicy raisin toast is perfect for toasting; just pop it in the toaster and enjoy it hot with butter. If you’re in the mood for a quick piece of raisin toast on a busy morning, this favourite raisin toast is sure to please.

For those who love a bit of sweetness in the morning, raisin toast is a perfect choice. Pop in the toaster a slice of this favourite raisin bread and enjoy it with a bit of butter. The nice raisin toast provides a wonderful aroma that will fill your kitchen and make every morning feel good.

Cafe Style and Home Comfort

For a more indulgent treat, try the cafe style toast. This cafe style raisin loaf is often thicker and denser, providing a perfect thickness for a hearty breakfast. It’s a great way to bring the café experience home without the crazy cafe prices. The slices per loaf are just right for making fruity toast. Enjoy it as a favourite breakfast treat with your morning tea or coffee. The friendly price and high product ratings make it a family favourite.

Perfect for Any Time of Day

Whether you're a fan of raisin bread or just looking for a tasty addition to your breakfast or lunch, raisin toast is a versatile option. The packaging ensures it stays fresh, so you can enjoy yummy raisin toast anytime. The fruity slice and dense bread make it perfect for a weekend bread treat or even as a treat for dessert. On a cold winter's morning, there's nothing better than a hot toast with lashings of butter to warm you up.

Sustainable and Tasty

Many raisin breads now come in sustainable packaging, reflecting a strong focus on the environment. The fruit to bread ratio is ideal, providing lots of raisins in every bite. Whether you're enjoying it as a quick breakfast or a special treat, this fruit bread stands out with its amazing taste and lovely flavour. Store your loaf fresh by keeping it out of direct sunlight and enjoy the nice smell each time you pop a slice of raisin toast in the toaster.

Great for the Whole Family

This family favourite is not only delicious but also versatile. You can make French toast for a special breakfast or simply enjoy it as a tasty toast. The soft fruit bread with plump raisins and a sprinkle of cinnamon can be a nice treat for both kids and adults. Whether it's for a mid-morning snack or a special treat with your afternoon tea, raisin toast is always a hit.


Tip Top wholemeal raisin bread is a beloved choice for Aussies who love a sweet start to their day. Packed with juicy, plump raisins and a dense, soft texture, it’s perfect for a quick brekkie, a mid-morning snack, or even a cheeky dessert.

The thick slices are just right for a hearty, cafe-style toast, letting you enjoy a bit of luxury at home without the crazy cafe prices. Pop a slice in the toaster for a hot, fragrant piece of fruity toast with a good slather of butter, and let the delightful aroma fill your kitchen. Whether it’s your go-to raisin toast for brekkie or a special treat with arvo tea, this delicious, versatile bread is sure to become a family favourite.

So what are you waiting for, hopefully not Easter? Put a slice or two in the toaster and boil the kettle. Enjoy a comforting treat. 


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