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Quick Vegan Fried Rice

Bowl of vegan fried rice

It's been a busy day, and all you want is a quick hot meal to sit down to. Don't stress; I have you covered with this five-minute fried rice. This rice recipe covers several Daily Dozen checkboxes, including grain, vegetables and beans. It is also simple, quick and tastes great.

The recipe is a vegan dish. I try to stick to simple ingredients that are ready to go. I do not use vegetable oil or sesame oil in this recipe, but some of the ingredients contain different oils as they are processed. You can adjust this as you make it.

Here's what you will need for vegan fried rice:

Veggies and beans: I use some pre-cooked frozen vegetables and, beans. Frozen veggies are handy for saving time and still providing great nutrition. Frozen options make for easy meal prep.

For this recipe, I had pre-cooked corn and edamame. For the fresh vegetables, I used purple onion and red capsicum. Cut your vegetables as you prefer. I diced the capsicum and sliced the onion. Green onion is great if it is handy, but not essential. While fresh veggies are nice they take longer to prepare. Frozen onion is just as good and no tears involved.

Tofu: Tofu offers flavour and protein for those who want a little extra. I used a flavoured block of tofu for extra umami flavour and cut it into small cubes. The tofu was pre-fried but

You might like to eat cleaner and switch this out for baked tofu or plain. 100 grams of firm tofu should be enough unless you're looking to up the protein content. If you have some leftover tofu scramble this would be a great addition.

Grains: The type of rice you use is up to you. The recipe can be prepared with white rice, jasmine rice or brown rice. Simply cook according to the package instructions. The best rice is day-old rice. Cooking the rice a day before allows the rice to dry out a little. This way it won't be soggy when you add the ingredients.

To save time I like to use pre-made rice from a packet. You can use whichever rice you like; traditionally, white rice is used for fried rice, but we don't stick to the rules on this site. I used a 250-gram pouch of coconut chilli lime white rice.

This rice is good on its own, but today, we are levelling it up. Besides the flavour and convenience, I like this rice because it is a little dry. The dryness of the rice makes it great for soaking up flavours and sauces, and you don't end up with soggy rice at the end of the recipe.

Sauce: Soy sauce works and is what most of us have on hand. For this batch, I used Chef's Choice Fried Rice Sauce.

Storage: If there is leftover rice allow the hot rice to cool, put it in an air-tight container and store it in the fridge for up to three days. The cold rice can be eaten as is or heated up in the microwave. Cold leftover rice is perfect for work or school lunches. Alternatively this recipe is freezer-friendly.

vegan fried rice recipe finished

Quick Vegan Fried Rice


¼ cup of water

1 tablespoon Chef's Choice Fried Rice Sauce (or a 1-2 tablespoons soy sauce)

250-gram packet of pre-cooked rice

2 slices of tofu (or 100 grams of firm tofu of choice)

1 cup of vegetables of choice


how to make vegan fried rice

  1. Choose a frying pan (preferably a non-stick wok) and put it on medium heat

  2. Add water and sauce on medium heat 

  3. Prepare your vegetables

  4. Stir in the vegetables. Allow the vegetables to heat up and lightly cook.

  5. Add the rice, stir through and break up and separate rice clumps.

  6. Stir through tofu and give the remainder of the time.

  7. Serve your vegan fried rice, season with black pepper or chilli and enjoy your quick vegan fried rice!


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