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Peeling Back the Mystery of Oxalate in Bananas

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People around the world love bananas. They're easy to eat, sweet, and good for you. Bananas have potassium, vitamin C, vitamin B6, and fibre. They help your heart and digestion.

If you need to watch your oxalate intake due to kidney stones, find out how much oxalate is in bananas. This post discusses the oxalate content in bananas. It asks if they are good for a healthy diet.

The Role of Oxalates

Oxalates, or oxalic acid, are natural compounds found in many foods. They are part of a normal diet. But, too many oxalates can cause kidney stones in some people. Limiting oxalate intake is crucial. This is especially true for those with a history of oxalate calcium stones.

Oxalate Content in Bananas

Bananas have a low oxalate content, making them a good choice for people on a low-oxalate diet. Banana fans will love this. They can eat this healthy fruit without worrying too much about oxalate levels.

If you are at risk of calcium oxalate stones, eating bananas can help. Bananas are a satisfying fruit with a low oxalate level. This helps keep the formation of calcium oxalate crystals in check. Watch your daily oxalate intake if you are prone to calcium oxalate crystal stones. Bananas also have important nutrients like Vitamin B6, which supports health.

Incorporating Bananas into a Low-Oxalate Diet

For those concerned about oxalates:

  • You can enjoy bananas because they have low oxalate content.

  • For a balanced diet, mix bananas with other low-oxalate foods.

  • Monitor your portion sizes for better health and balance. It's important to watch your portion sizes, even if they are low in oxalates.

Table Comparing Oxalate in Banana to Other Fruit According to the OHF

Fruit Type

Oxalate (mg) per 100g

Oxalate level




Berries, Strawberries, Fresh



Apple, Variety, Fresh



Oranges, fresh, variety



Nutritional Benefits of Bananas

Beyond their oxalate content, bananas offer various health advantages:

  • Bananas are famous for their potassium content. Potassium is important for keeping the heart healthy and regulating blood pressure.

  • Bananas contain dietary fibre. This fibre helps with digestion and prevents constipation.

  • Vitamins are a good source of vitamins C and B6. They support immune function and brain health.

  • Bananas are a natural source of sugars and carbohydrates. They give you a quick energy boost.

Understanding Oxalate Diets and Kidney Stones

An oxalate diet helps control your intake of oxalates. The diet can help to avoid excess oxalate consumption. It aims to lower the risk of calcium oxalate kidney stones but reducing your intake of oxalate.

Stones form when oxalates mix with calcium in your urine. This leads to the formation of kidney stones. It's important to know the amounts of oxalate in the foods you eat. Bananas are a good example. They are oxalate fruits with low oxalate content, making them safe for most people concerned about kidney stones.

Balancing Nutrients for Kidney Health

Keeping your kidneys healthy means more than just controlling oxalates. You should also watch other things like urine acidity and blood potassium levels. A yearly health check-up including blood work can be a helpful preventative measure.

Bananas can help balance body acidity. This is important for preventing different types of kidney stones. By eating bananas with other low-oxalate, nutrient-rich foods, you can have a balanced diet that supports your health.

Managing Oxalate Intake from Common Foods

Many common foods contain oxalates. To eat a healthy balanced diet is it difficult to avoid oxalate. The key is to manage how much you eat. Using a reliable oxalate food list can help you know the levels of oxalate in your diet.

Foods like spinach and kale have different oxalate levels. So, it's important to check their actual oxalate count. Bananas, with their low oxalate content, are a great option for a low-oxalate diet.


Bananas are a tasty and healthy choice for anyone watching their oxalate intake. Bananas have few oxalates and lots of nutrients. They are a great option for enjoying fruits without worrying about oxalates.

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To learn more about oxalate in greens, try reading Arugula Oxalates Rocket. Thank you for reading.


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